Nympheas Dolls has just opened the preorder for a new doll: the siren cat Mialypso. I have been a fan of Sophie’s wonderful cosmos of beautiful and unique dolls for a while now and I am extremely happy to get her to interview for There Be Dolls today.

Dear Sophie, welcome to There Be Dolls and thank you for taking your time!

Always a pleasure to answer questions and meet people <3

The newest addition to your family of dolls is Mialypso – a unique siren cat.
What inspired you to make this specific doll? What kind of personality did you think up for her?
It’s very simple, I create things I love, I sculpt to give space to my imagination because i have many characters and stories in my head, I love cats so much (lol) and each cat is so unique, I have already made Brioche, a doll with very different personality because he is quiet and teasing –  a little lazy and she is enigmatic, discreet and enjoly … More classy !
I enjoy making some original character, not ‘just a cat’ because i want to bring to them an unique personality…for her I thought a mermaid would be perfect. I  don’t know why I hadn’t had this idea before because she combines to 2 characters I adore!

Mialypso in Butter with pink tail by Nympheas Dolls

Giving life to Mialypso – what did you enjoy about creating her – what were the difficulties you experienced?
My favorite step is when the doll starts to have the shape I imagined her to have when I began sculpting her, then I spend so much time to sand the clay … adjust the mechanics,  it’s exciting too but when I feel I move forward at the beginning, the improvement step takes 3 times longer 😀 I have spent many hours on the tail because I wanted a specific tail, with non-inverted joints, a tail that could stand on its own and be very stable and could move very well… then usually a small part like a finger or tiny joints would break and I would have to make them again 😀 

Brioche in Mint Glow by Nympheas Dolls

Who is casting your dolls? Do you work together with other artists? Whom do you like to collaborate with?
I have worked with Weiju for 4 – 5 years now. And I love collaborations, I work with many artists on OOAK dolls, Lullaby made cute clothes, Seito often made faceups, Koala Krash works on Mialypso and Tit Herbe, Fairytales Treasure made the Steam White Collection for me, Raquel Clemente works on the deer and makes so amazing faceups, Tsubasa did awesome work on Squirrel and  Harajuku made beautiful clothes too. 🙂

Joy by Nympheas Dolls from the Steam White Collection in Collaboration with Fairytales Treasure

Will there be OOAK Mialypsos too?
Of course 🙂 I love  to make OOAK dolls so I plan to make some for DOLL RDV in Paris in December, Koala Krash has already made one!

Looking back – how  long have you worked as a bjd artist?
Huum, I began to sculpt in 2011 with Nymphette being my first BJD  – so 6 years and still on the boat, yeah 😀

Sun Rabbit by Nymphea Dolls

What was the first BJD you fell in love with?
Without any doubt a Narae 🙂 perfect face !!

Which was the first doll you have ever sculpted?
It was Nymphette, big eyes nymph ^^
I still make her sometimes but she has a new body now, more stable!

Nymphette by Nympheas Dolls

Browsing through your wonderful site feels a bit like walking through an enchanted woodland with both strange and sweet creatures to encounter – where do you turn for inspiration? What fuels your imagination?
Hard to tell –  I guess we all have a full world in our mind, each world is different depending on our personality, my universe is totally me, you will see it when you know me better 🙂 I love reading, drawing, movies, writing stories … with me it is a machine always on the road, I need to create and imagine, I don’t know why, it comes very easy to me and is important to me.

Tit’Herbe in Purple

What is your artistic background?
I had taken graphic studies and had worked as illustrator and graphic designer for 8 years before I moved on and found a way to work that fit my vision of life better, I feel free even if an artist’s life is pretty insecure 🙂
I still make illustrations sometimes and always have other artistic projects going on like children books, shorts films …

Fanny by Nympheas Dolls

What would you recommend to an aspiring bjd artist?
Just follow your heart, make what you want and don’t worry too much …don’t judge your work too hard 🙂
It’s not an easy life but it’s also a choice to make .

Have you and your work ever been target of recasts? How do you feel about that phenomenon?

I don’t know if my dolls have been recasted or not and I admit it’s scary … I just feel for people who do that don’t have money to buy dolls but most of my customers don’t have money either and prefer to choose layaway instead of buying recasts, without them my shop would have been closed for a long time …so I want to thank them and hope people who buy recasts will open their conscience…

Chou by Nympheas Dolls

What other artists do you admire?
SO MANY ! I admire Catfish Princess for her dolls and personality, she’s one of my best friends now and you must meet her absolutely 😉
Another friend you already know, Mewie Fish, is so talented, a must have: Lillycat, Irrealdoll, Charles Creatures, and I also collect fur creatures like the ones Lisa Tom makes …and many more


Cinnamon Squirrel by Nympheas Dolls

What are your future projects?
Héhé…ok  I’m taking you into my confidence, I am going to make a MINI Brioche (12 cm at the most i guess) and a dreaming Squirrel with new hands, and 2 new heads for the pinup body, a mouse and a fennec ..then we will see –  I have many months to work on this project 😀
I am also planning on  OOAK dolls like Eliott with Tsubasa faceup and Holly Hatter clothes, Fantine & Fanny painted by Raquel Clemente …

Fantine by Nympheas Dolls

Wow, there is so much to look forward to – thank you for sharing your projects and ideas with us, Sophie!
Thank you so much, Elisa

You can learn more about Nympheas Dolls through their website: https://www.nympheasdolls.com and follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr.

So if you are interested in adopting a wonderful Mialypso in Butter – the preorder is open from the 13th to the 20th of July. This will be the only time Mialypso will be available in this resin color.

Here is her preorder info:

Mialypso in Butter Pink: EUR 360 ($402)
You can choose between Crystal Blue or Grenadine Pink for the tail

10mm eyes (random)

face-up and body blushing by factory + EUR 50,00
face-up and body blushing by Koala Krash + EUR 70 (limited to 10 dolls)
Add crown + EUR 15,00
Add painting for crow + EUR 15,00

Delivery time: 3-4 months, planned for October
Layaway available!

Adopt her directly through Nympheas Dolls’ shop.

Mialypso in Butter


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