Attention everyone – Bastian from Planet Zhen is looking for a new home with loving parents! Seriously the backstory to Little Cosmos Dolls is just too touching. There is a galactic war going on and the little orphans from the planets involved are sent to Earth to find new parents (you can find more about the background story here)
Since the second preorder for Bastian in tea skin has just started, meet Sandra, the artist behind Little Cosmos Dolls!

Welcome to There Be Dolls, Sandra. I am happy you found time for an interview!
Hi Elisa! I’m happy you proposed to make this interview with me!

Let me start with the introduction – you are from Spain, Barcelona exactly.
Spain is one of the leading European countries when it comes to BJD – how do you feel about it?
Yes, I’m from Barcelona. In France and Spain there are many sculptors, some of them quite known in the “artist BJD world”.  About that I feel very excited (because I know some of them, personally and I see that they are people, as in real people, and very nice and helpful) but also self-conscious, because I’m the new one in this artist world.

What was the first BJD sculpt/ company you fell in love with?
When I first saw a BJD I was surfing on google and I freaked out about the realism of the dolls! I don’t know which mold it was or the company, but I was in love with them all.
But the first one I fell in love with was an Adela from DIM with a faceup by Estebebe, I completely fell in love.

Oliver by Little Cosmos Dolls

When did you decide to make your own dolls and what was your first attempt at making BJDs?

I have always loved to make things and to understand the mechanism inside dolls and articulated plushies. I first began to sculpt in 2014. I sculpted other things like animals, but not people or a complete doll. So, yeah, my first attempt to make a BJD was in the summer of 2014. She was Sue, and she’ll never will be casted  – haha. 

What is your artistic background?
I began my studies in Illustration in 2012 and I loved the idea of being able to get my OCs out on the paper. 

How many different extraterrestrial dolls have you brought to life?
There is Bastian, Oliver and Robin I think? But it seems that there are both male and female versions of your characters?
Yes, there are two bodies for now. The basic one (boy and girl): They share most parts like legs, arms, belly… But chest and hips are different. Bastian and Oliver/Olivia can share bodies.
The second version of Robin (Robin vII) will have the new Fantasia body. This one will be smaller and also can be shared with the other heads as well.
There are some more dolls in the making that will be alive next year, dolls like Atlas or Florence (they are still in early process)
Actually I’m always working on new projects so maybe next month there is a new doll in the making… haha

Robin by Little Cosmos Dolls

How did you come up with their backstory? Is there a whole universe behind your dolls?
Basically, because I love Science Fiction. But also because when I was a child and went to a toy store I thought dolls would be sad if someone didn’t buy them and had to stay in the store. So, why not join those two concepts and give some parents to a doll who is looking for some love 🙂 

Where do you look for inspiration?
PINTEREST. I’m always there looking for something, surfing there and seeing lots of things that I can use for a story, or a face or even hair.
No, haha, not just Pinterest, I’m always reading comics (BD), or reading books, or watching anime, or reading children books. I need to say japanese anime films are always on my TV. Like Kiki or Momo e no Tegami. 

How is your process when you work on a doll? What is your favorite part, what do you hate about it? What is your favorite material to work with?
First I see them in my mind and then I put them on paper.
I LOVE to sculpt faces, love love love. And the part I don’t like as much is legs… But they are really important so I need to convince myself each time that it is the most exciting part of the process, so yes, I have cheated myself over and over againr. It works.
I use Ladoll to work on my dolls.

WIP Sculpting by Little Cosmos Dolls

How does your workspace look like?
Until last march I was sculpting in my room, so I must say it was really hard. I wasn’t able to separate my work from my hobby… Since march I’m in a studio, shared with another girl, Underthefern. It was the best I could do. It is really sunny and I can separate my different hobbies (writing, illustration, sculpting, sewing and miniatures) in different tables.
I’ll send you a photo of my studio 🙂

Workspace @LittleCosmosDolls

How did you choose the casting company to cast your dolls – with whom have you collaborated so far?
I have searched on google about it. It was hard, because there is not a lot of info. I have worked with 3 companies so far. But I’m really happy with the last one, the one I’m currently working with.
I have worked with Fantasy doll, Haru casting and Weiju.

Olivia by Little Cosmos Dolls

Bastian’s size is a rather uncommon one, what kind of clothes would fit her?
Hm… I don’t think so, I know my dolls aren’t in the most known scale (YOSD, MSD and SD) but there are other dolls with very similar body sizes. For example Iplehouse with KID size, Narsha from Dollmore, or Bunny size from Nine9style. And the best of it is:  They all also have clothes for those sizes! <3 

I saw you have sewn several gorgeous outfits for your dolls as well- will they be for sale? (yes, yes I know they will, but I have to ask again XD)
I’m glad you think so! I’m not a seamstress, and I’m not pretending to be one. I just love to sew some clothes I have in mind for my dolls 🙂 And yes, of course, they are for sale  – haha.

You also make adorable miniature food for dolls – like pancakes and ice cream or baguettes.  They look so adorable <3
Yes, thank you! I love to make them. I’m really nervous and making them relaxes me a lot.

Miniature Crèpes by Little Cosmos Dolls

What other fellow artists do you admire?
I admire many artists, especially since I met them in person. Nuria from Merrydollround, Lola from Atelier Momoni. Those two girls helped me when I had just begun with this and I can’t feel more grateful. I also admire Laura and Alejandro from Irrealdoll, they are very generous and kind (and I also love their sculpts!). I also admire Sther and Ana from Mishi’s doll and Goblin tales, respectively, ‘cause they work in 3D, and Sther has a lot of patience when I ask her something about it (yes, I’m trying 3d too…)

Miniature Baguette by Little Cosmos Dolls

What are you future plans as a BJD artist?
I would love to make my dolls in PVC so they aren’t limited to a collector audience. It would be lovely for my dolls to be played with by children, to decorated kids’ rooms. To be able to reach more people. That would be great.

That is certainly a wonderful and lovely idea! I hope you will succeed in making them in PVC!
Thank you so much for the interview, dear Sandra! It was a pleasure to learn more about your dolls and creative process!

Thanks to you! It was fun 😉

 If you are interested in adopting Bastian – you are lucky, the preorder hast just started and is going to be open until the 17th of July.

Bastian Preorder by Little Cosmos Dolls

Preorder Period: April 20th to May 12th 2017
Bastian – in Tea Skin EUR 400,00

included is:
a full doll
with random 14 mm eyes
and box

She comes with a handmade gift!

For an additional EUR 25,00 you can add a faceup.

Layaway is possible, but please contact Little Cosmos Dolls directly via email.
Please keep in mind that the production time will be around 3-4 months.
You can adopt Bastian through Little Cosmos Dolls’ store.


If you want to keep in touch with Sandra’s work you can follow her on Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook


Hands by Little Cosmos Dolls


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