Hello again, and welcome to my second tutorial for this site! I’m Iza, of Iza’s Face Ups, and this time I’m going to cover how I apply eyelashes to a doll once the face up is complete!

Things You Will Need:

  1. The doll’s head. In this case we have my Fairyland LTF Dark Elf Soo faceplate in tan skin.
  2. An eyelash strip. I used Onyx eyelashes I got off of Taobao in black. Any appropriate length eyelash strip will do, as we’ll cut the it to the right width!
  3. White glue. In my case I use straight up PVA glue.
  4. A pin. Anyone with a sewing kit should have one. Doesn’t need to be fancy or anything, just any old pin will do!
  5. Small scissors.
  6. (Optional) Tweezers. I use these to place the eyelashes as I have unsteady hands.

Now that we got our supplies all assembled, let’s start with the preparations and get to applying some eyelashes!

Step 1:

Measure the eyelash strip against the eye, that way you’ll know how to cut it.

Step 2:

Cut the eyelash to the appropriate width. If it still ends up being too wide, don’t fret. We can always trim it later too.

Step 3:

Put a dollop of glue onto a piece of paper, the eyelash holder, etc… and then grab your pin and dip it in the glue. You won’t need much really at a time. Also don’t fret about the glue being white, it’ll dry clear.

Step 4:

Use the pin to apply the glue from the outer corner of the eye to the middle point along the inner edge of the eyelid. Do to same to the eyelash piece and let the glue get a little tacky. This is important and will save you a lot of grief in trying to get the eyelashes to stay where you want them to. I like to put the long lashes on to outer edge and the shorter ones towards the inner corner.

Step 5:

Place the eyelash strip against the inner eyelid edge and use the pin to push it in place. The tackiness of the glue will keep it from falling out. If it tries to fall off regardless, hold the eyelash strip in place with the pin for a minute.

Step 6:

While the glue is drying on the first eye, repeat the process on the second eye. That gives the glue time to set on the first eye so that you can then glue in the other half of the eyelashes. Here you can also see that the eyelash strip on the right is a little too long. Trim it very carefully with the scissors so that it’ll fit better.

Step 7:

Grab a bit of glue with the pin again and apply it to the remaining section of the inner eyelid edge on the first eye. Let it get a little tacky.

Step 8:

Push the second half of the eyelash strip in place and let the glue dry. Repeat the process for the second eye so that both have the eyelashes in place.

Step 9:

Once the eyelashes are in place, I like to add another light layer of glue along the bottom of the eyelash strip as shown in the image ago. It creates a nice sealed bond so the eyelash is less likely to separate from the eye by accident.

Step 10:

Let the glue fully dry, and then wait a little more, just to make sure. I tend to leave heads alone for at least an hour after gluing in eyelashes to make sure that when I put the eyes in they don’t push the eyelashes out. As you can see the glue dried clear.

Congratulations, you successfully applied eyelashes to a doll head! I wish you much success on your face up journey; until next time!

Places to find me:



Today we have the pleasure to introduce Ana from GoblinTalesBJD and her wonderful world of forest beings.
Welcome to There Be Dolls, Ana.
You have just opened the preorder for your newest creation – Willow, a dreamy looking goblin girl.
So far you have relased, Erin (a sassy looking goblin girl with a charming smile) and the mosslings.
When meeting your dolls one immediate finds themselves transported into the land of fairytales and folklore.
Where do you draw your main inspiration for your dolls from? What is their backstory?
Ana: My family is from Sanabria, a beautiful area of Spain, between Galicia, Zamora and Portugal. It is a place full of forests that has nothing to envy to Ireland, and the Galician traditions (witches, goblins, nymphs…) are very present in their popular culture. I was lucky to spend the summers of my childhood there, and I live in love with all that folklore, which has always inspired me.

Angry Mossling by Goblin Tales BJD

Erin, Willow, Shawn, North -and other goblins- are some characters that I imagined as the incarnation of the seasons and the natural phenomena. Each goblin has its own personality depending on how I feel the seasons (Erin is the Spring, the beginning, the joy of life; Shawn, still not sculpted, would be the Summer, Willow would be the peaceful and somnolent Autumn, and North, the cold and sober Winter. Other goblins would be the rain, the wind, etc.). Forests are full of life, and I wanted Nature to be reflected on my creatures, and also, on my magical pets (the tiny naughty mosslings are pieces of the soul of the trees, which want to move and explore the world too).

Erin by Goblin TalesBJD

Erin seems to have been your first sculpt. When did you start to work on ball jointed dolls as a sculptor?
I began as a miniature collector and painter when I was thirteen, and because of that, I discovered that I loved to sculpt. The joints were just the next step. Once you’ve tried to do pictures with poseable dolls, static figurines aren’t enough! I tried at first with traditional sculpting, and left several projects unfinished because of a mix between frustration and health (I am allergic to some clays). Then I discovered 3D sculpting, back in 2016, and I didn’t stop since then. I spent several months from the early morning to dead at night practising, until my Erin –and other goblins- finally came to life.

Most artists seem to complain about the sanding part – what do you like best about sculpting, what is the most tedious part of your work?
I agree about the sanding step! When you’re working on a head, sanding and priming, and sanding again and again, you have to be very careful if you don’t want to ruin the doll expression –specially if the doll has realistic facial features-. Just a milimeter more tan you should, and the expression changes. I usually spend most of the time sanding and re-sculpting the mess that I make on the face.
Also, when I tried to sculpt with clay the traditional way, I was always frustrated with the symmetry problem. I think that for traditional sculptors, it must be really annoying.

Erin Prototype

What advice would you give a newbie on sculpting their first doll?
Don’t give up. It’s that simple. If you have something in your head that you need to share with the rest of the doll community, keep practising. I can assure to you that the second try is WAY better than the first one, and so. Even when you don’t get exactly what you planned, it can be another beautiful doll too, or at least, you can learn a lot from that piece (how the clay feels and works, how to solve problems that you can face with your 3D program). We always tell ourselves that our work is not worth it, that the other’s work is better. There will ALWAYS be someone better than you. They have been practising for years! Keep practising, keep improving.

Mossling 3D model

What is your artistic background?
Leaving aside a couple of years in an Art academy when I was a child, I am a self-taught sculptress, beginning with busts and conversions in miniatures for some years. It is true that you learn much faster when you have the experience and the guidance of a teacher. You can avoid to get stuck, or to make lots of silly mistakes, and you can learn things that you wouldn’t imagine that exist, from their knowledge and own experience. But if you work hard, you can also learn lots of things by yourself – specially, nowadays, when the Internet is full of tutorials and master classes.

Baby Mossling by GoblinTalesBJD

How did you learn about ball jointed dolls? And what was their main attraction? (Do you remember the first bjd you ever saw?)
Like many of us, I first found a picture on the Internet, many years ago when I was a teenager, without even knowing what it was (I don’t remember which one it was, because I didn’t know any molds at that moment). I never liked playing with dolls when I was a little child, and for some years, I didn’t try to find more info. But some years later (back in 2013) a friend of mine showed me her doll, one that she had customized as an elf. She had made her clothes with a lot of detail. I have always been very crafty, I was at that moment into roleplaying games too, and I was amazed with how a doll could represent a full character. I immediatly fell in love with that possibility. And it is still their main attraction to me: these dolls are a blank canvas on which you can develop almost any artistic discipline. You can sculpt, paint, sew, make wigs, eyes, accessories, jewellry, photography, and write stories. You can express yourself in so many ways!

Erin by GoblinTalesBJD

Are there any other artist you admire?
Lots of them, actually. Sther Vivi (Mishi’s doll) has a very cute and personal style (her Murphy is awesome). Sandra Lòcre (Little Cosmos Dolls) has adorable sculpts (Robin is my favourite). Culur Theory, Orange Tea, Dreamhigh Studio, Peach Day Dreams and Pammdolls are some of my favourite houses. There are also “art doll” makers, such as Ignis (Fuego fatuo) and Lisa Toms, whose work is a huge inspiration for me.
Since the preorder for Willow is running right now let us focus on this beautiful goblin girl 
She will be available in 3 beautiful colors – two of them fantasy ones!
Yes! She will be available in Pastel blue, pastel violet and Tan. She is sweeter and more magical than my naughty Erin, and I want that her fantasy colors represent that. But I also sculpted her with the main idea of a Tan little girl.

Willow by GoblinTalesBJD


Willow’s Preorder

1st of May to 20th of May

Height (including head): 24cm (with mature curves)

Shoes: 1/6

Eyes: 8mm

Wig: 5-6 inches

Double-jointed elbows and knees

Colors for Willow

The colors available for this pre-order, according to the color chart from Haru Casting, are:

Blue white: 305€

Violet white: 305€

Light Tan: 355€


These prices include insured shipping.

     Spain: 25€

    Europe: 45€

    Rest of the world: 55€

For more information and if you love to adopt Willow please visit: GoblinTalesBJD

Who is going to cast your dolls?
Haru Casting Company.
Is it possible to ask for an original faceup as well?
I am afraid not. My dolls will go without a faceup, although I will always take some fullset to the events.
Are you going to offer layaway?
Yes, I always offer at least 2 month layaways, and it can be extended in some cases if it’s needed.
Will there be fullset available too?
No, as I said, I will take fullsets only to events. But after the events, the remaining stock will go to my online shop, including the fullset dolls!
What clothes do fit Willow’s body best?
Willow and Erin have the same body size and their own measurements, but Magic Mirror’s Keira outfits can suit them. “Eternal Dolls” (a fantasy and steampunk BJD seamstress) is currently making some clothes for my goblin girls and she accepts orders 😉

Mosslings – Autumn and Spring versions

Are we allowed to have a look at your working space?
I actually work in my boyfriend’s attic, so I am afraid I will have to keep the privacy of his house.
What are your future plans as a bjd artist?
I want to focus my dolls on the love towards Nature and life. I want that my characters tell the message that Nature is almost magical and deserves to be loved and protected. My plans are to keep developing my goblin “main” line –also, with goblin boys-, and, given the success of the mosslings, I will keep releasing magical pets for the goblins, too, and some personal projects on which I am already working, with some new materials. In a future I would like to be able to donate a percentage of the money of my sales to environmental preservation projects, but there is still a long way to walk until then.

Phantom MSD head 3D model

Thank you for the interview!
Thanks to you!

If you are interested to learn more about GoblinTalesBJd you can find Ana and her wonderful cosmos on Facebook and Instagram

If you have any questions about stock etc. send an mail to goblintalesbjd@gmail.com

or visit her Tictail shop: https://tictail.com/goblintalesbjd


Thank you for reading and spread your love for BJDs by supporting the artists behind our amazing hobby!


Sleepy Mossling


Yes, There Be Dolls is finally back for good!
After a rather long break we are back with a new interview!
Today’s guest is Carmen from LittleRebel Dolls, a Spanish artist and doll maker known for her stunning male SD heads.
(Yeah, yeah I know … I am biased  – I tend to interview Spanish doll artists, but the Spanish doll community seems to be amazing XD)

Here we go:

Elisa: Welcome to There Be Dolls, Carmen, and thank you for agreeing to do this interview!
Carmen: Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do this interview and to share my work.

How did you learn about balljointed dolls? Do you remember the first bjd you came across?
I found out about BJD totally by chance in 2003 when I was searching for band pictures. It was a Volks doll, and then I started searching for more info about those dolls and fell in love with them, and I received my first doll later that year. I remember that the first doll that I really wanted was an Hypermaniac Elliot but it was impossible to get him by then.

Kai by LittleRebel Dolls

Your sculpts and face-ups are hauntingly beautiful. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Thank you!
Sometimes I just have the idea of the character in my mind and others times I look at pictures of real people for inspiration.

Do they end up exactly like you envisioned them or do surprises happen too?
Like wow, this is completely different from what I was going for but I like it?
I start with an idea but sometimes I change my mind at the same time that I’m sculpting and I change their face features a lot! If I don’t have a firm idea about what I want to do, the result will be a surprise… and usually those are my best works.

What was your first sculpt and what was the final nudge to start crafting your own dolls?
My first sculpt was Shinji because it was a character I had in mind that didn’t fit with any of the bjd available by then and I really wanted to have him as a doll. Actually I made a few different versions of him because I started making him as a full doll in 2005 but I discarded all the projects I did until 2011.

Shinji by LittleRebel Dolls

What is your artistic background?
I graduated in Fine Arts at College in Spain and I also went to Muthesius Kunsthochschule in Germany for a year. I’m the kind of person that likes to learn and try to do many different things: drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, design…  and probably I get frustrated at some point because I can’t master any of them, haha.

Are you planning to release MSD heads as well? What about creating bodies too?
Yes! To tell you the truth I should have received my MSD prototype head in January… but the casting company has delayed it a lot, so it is still a secret until I receive it in resin. And about making bodies for the big dolls… I would like to make it for myself but I’m not sure if I would be able to release it because casting costs, shipping and customs fees would be so expensive that it scares me.

Sasha by LittleRebel Dolls

How many sculpts have you released so far – which one came to you mostly easily and who gave you a hard time?
I’ve released 12 doll heads and 2 tiny full dolls since 2011, and have some others in process.
I don’t remember any of them coming easily because I doubt too much when I’m working and change things many times but probably Maya was the hardest doll to make. I have a box full of discarded pieces from her body!

When it comes to creating a new sculpt what part of the process do you love best, what part annoys you the most?
My favorite part is when I sculpt the nose (I really enjoy making noses!), and the most annoying part is priming and sanding the surface to make it smooth (it takes more time than to sculpt the whole face).

Kaylar by LittleRebel Dolls

What are your experiences with casting companies, whom have you worked with together so far?
I wrote about it more detailed in my website because I’ve tried most of the casting companies: Dollshe, Weiju, Fdoll and Haru. All of them have good and bad points, but the one that I prefer and who cast most of my dolls is Fdoll.

Momo by LittleRebel Dolls

The preorder for André has just been opened.  I have been hoping to get the chance to adopt him for quite a while! So hooray!
So let me ask some questions about that specific event:
Was André inspired by a special character or person?
Yes, probably André is the sculpt most inspired by a real person that I made (although not in a realistic way). I wanted it to resemble the actor Gijs Blom in the movie Jongens a little, because he really reminded me of one of my characters.

André by LittleRebel Dolls

What bodies work well with your SD heads? Which company is going to cast him?
It depends of the doll head but I try that they fit most of the 60~65cm doll bodies, with 10cm neck. The normal color is similar to Luts but it can change slightly from batch to batch.
André is casted by Fdoll (the normal skin matches Fdoll pale-normal, and tan skin is a special color).

Do you accept layaway too?
Of course, since the dolls need to be made I can accept 2 months layway.

Will there be an face-up option as well?
Sadly I can’t offer the faceup option now because I’m not sure if when the dolls arrive in 2 months I will be able to do face-ups or not (because  of my surgery  –  I still have no idea when that will be- but it can’t be later than June).

Ethan by LittleRebel Dolls

Last, I started to work on There Be Dolls, so people would learn more about the artists behind those amazing creations. It was a reaction to all that recast problems I came across in the last years.
Have you ever been a victim of recasters? What are your thoughts on that topic?
I’m lucky enough to not have been a victim of recasters, mostly because I’m a very small artist, but it really breaks my heart when I see how other fellow artists and close friends suffer because their work was recasted. It makes me sad to see how much the hobby has changed since the recast issue but I try to focus on people who really love the hobby and support the artists because this hobby is something where you can be creative and original.

Thank you so much for the interview!
Thanks to you for your great work and for helping artists like me to be known by the bjd community. It was a pleasure to do this interview.

If you, dear reader, are interested in adopting André, this is your last chance since this sculpt will be discontinued after the current preorder.
So get him while you still can:

André by LIttleRebel Dolls

Andrè Preorder Period from April 14th to April the 20th 2018

SD head in normal skin 145,00 EUR
SD head in tan skin 150,00 EUR

Production Time 2-3 months

Includes: blank doll head, certificate of authenticity and box. // *Eyes, wigs, and body are not included.

Head size: 1/3 (22cm circumference), *for 62~70cm bodies with 10cm neck aprox.

Eye size: 12~14mm

You can order André here

If you like to learn more about Carmen and LittleRebel Dolls, go visit her website or follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Flickr!

Maya by LittleRebel Dolls


I am particularly happy to get the chance to talk to  Le Tama from Depths Dolls today.  Depths Dolls is known for their beautiful anthro sculpts like mermaids and bunny girls. A cosmos full of sweet and elegant fantasy creatures! I have been in love with Giorria that cute bunny girl for a while and the upcoming preorder of new Deilf dolls is a good excuse to finally interview the artist behind those lovely dolls that seem to come from a fairytale.

Elisa: Welcome to There Be Dolls! I am glad you could make some time right after moving from France to Montréal!
Le Tama: Thank you very much for wanting me to answer a few questions about my work! I always like to share and talk to people, I think what’s strong in our doll community is the sense of sharing and talking (even if there is, and always will be, some drama lol). Now I’m all installed in Montréal and I have time again to work on dolls! 

Giorria version 2 by Depths Dolls

Looking at your artwork and the name Depths Dolls it seems like you are strongly fascinated by mermaids and sea creatures?
Yes indeed, I have been fascinated by mermaids since I was a very young boy. It all started with fairytales, then The Little Mermaid came out when I was almost 3 years old. It’s been a long love story between mermaids and me. And of course the movie Splash –  that was a strong inspiration for me. I love fishes, sea creatures, what’s hidden in the ocean or the deep lakes… but I also love all the creatures and animals that live on the land lol. “Depths” in my company name came from a discussion with my friend Enaibi, and it’s mainly a reference to the depths of the oceans, but also to the depths of the imagination. 

Abyss by Depth Dolls

How did you learn about BJDs?
I always was a doll lover, but when I was around 15 / 16 years old I discovered the BJDs on internet through the Luts website. I was probably looking for photos on google or something like that, and those dolls came out. I was fascinated. Then I discovered their price… it took me a while to buy my first doll. I started to collect vinyl dolls such as Barbie and Tonner from 17 to 19 years old  – something like that, and then I sold all my vinyl collection to buy my first BJD, a Unoa lusis.

Abyss handcasted by Depths Dolls for LDoll 2013

What was your first sculpt? What got you started to make your own dolls?
My first sculpt was a small mermaid called Abyss. She’s the result of a discussion with my talented friend Enaibi. I wasn’t able to find one good looking mermaid on the market for me, and she told me : “Why don’t you sculpt your own doll?”. And everything started from that. She taught me some tricks about mold making and resin casting, and I’ve made almost 20 of those little trouts, all handmade and handcasted. 

Deilf by Depths Dolls

What inspires you the most when creating a new sculpt?
I’m used to watch tons of things on internet, and get inspirations from different ways. Others artists inspire me, nature inspires me, and I have a very fertile imagination. Drawings, illustrations, fantasy movies, other ball jointed dolls, sculptures… I have a wide range of artistic interests. 

What is your artistic background?
Actually I don’t really have an artistic background. I made scientific studies at the university and I’m a self taught sculptor XD

How can I adopt one of your dolls? Where do you sell them?
Previously, my dolls were only available at doll conventions in France such as the Ldoll festival. But since last year, I made some small preorders through internet (facebook and instagram) of limited numbers of dolls, and also I started to work with Jpopdolls, my American agent and dealer. My bunny girl Giorria was on preorder last year, and at the end of October we are going to have a preorder of my small mermaids and small humans. I started my real company in Montreal, I’m working on new dolls and I hope I’ll be able to sell some of them directly through a future website next year ^_^. 

Merrow by Depths Dolls

How many dolls have you created so far? There is Deilf in at least two versions, Giorria the bunny girl, Abyss..
There is Abyss, the first little mermaid. Then Giorria my bunny girl, after came Deilf as a mermaid, and later as a human. I also made a big MSD mermaid called Merrow, a human MSD girl named Rose (she was the doll of the convention of the last BJDConvention in Austin, Texas), and ahuman Merrow too. I’m actually working on new dolls, small mermaids, new MSD dolls with a new body, a tiny doll who will have big lynx ears… and later a SD girl 🙂

Which sculpt was the easiest to work on – who gave you the most trouble?
Actually my first pair of legs, for Giorria, was awful to make. I’ve probably sculpted 4 or 5 pairs of legs before finding a good way to make them, symmetrical and all that stuff. I keep learning every day, new techniques, easier ways to do things… there is  always a new thing to learn. I don’t know if there was an easiest sculpt to make, but the more I sculpt, the more I’m comfortable with sculpting.

Giorria by Depths Dolls

What do you love most about the sculpting process?
I love making something from scratch, from a piece of clay without any form or shape. I love when your doll starts to have a face, an expression. I love sculpting hands too, I find it relaxing lol. And I also love the feeling when I have my resin samples and I am able to paint the doll I’ve been dreaming to paint and customize for months. 

Where do you turn for inspiration?
Mostly internet, tumblr, flickr, doll companies, movies… and also doll conventions are a great way to see many different kinds of dolls or toys, and open your mind to a bigger diversity. 

Human Deilf by Depths Dolls

Who is casting your dolls?
I’m working with Haru Casting, based in South Korea, for some of my limited dolls with custom colors. I also work with Fantasy Doll, a casting company based in China. 

Do you work with other artists as well?
I never made any collaboration with other artists. I would love to do it someday! I’m friends with different doll artists and we usually share prototypes photos of different stages, exchange our point of view… but I have never sculpted with someone else yet.

What other bjd artists do you admire?
Tons of them! I love the creations of my best friend Enaibi, I love the dolls from my friends from Dust of Dolls .I love some Russian artists like nina.K_chimera on Instagram, I love Fairyland dolls, dolls from Pasha Setrova… I have a big range of artists that I love or admire, this is just a small batch that came to my mind lol.

Rose for BJDC Austin by Depths Dolls

What are your future plans and what are you currently working on?
I’m working on a new MSD body with different faces, busts and feet, a thin tiny girl of 30 centimeters, a new small mermaid, and I want to make a big SD girl, once again she will be thin with a long pair of legs lol.

When will be the next preorder (It is in October via Jpop, right?)
Yes at the end of october there will be a preorder at Jpopdolls website for the human Deilf and the mermaid Deilf. In light tan or pale normal skin color, and the mermaids will have a mint or a pink tail.
At the end of the year or in January, there will be a preorder for human Merrow in light tan skin color, and next spring probably the return of Giorria in some fantasy colors ^^

Deilf by Depths Dolls

Thank you again!

Thank you for your questions!! I wish to everyone a great day ! 

 If you want to learn more about Depths Dolls or stay informed on current preorders you can find them here:





Photo by PeppermintPocky

Hi folks! Your friendly neighborhood Mint here!

Recently, I’ve had people ask me about the broken shoes I bought to revamp, so I thought I’d put together a quick guide covering the process. You never know when you’ll come across doll shoes in need of some TLC!

Photo by PeppermintPocky

As you can see Nomi is very distraught! She broke the heel off her shoe when dancing, and the white leather is looking dingy. What’s a doll to do?

Photo by PeppermintPocky

Luckily Nomi’s friend Stephanie loves adding pizzazz to damaged goods!

Photo by PeppermintPocky

Before we work on restoring the shoes, we need to repair them! There are multiple methods when it comes to fixing a broken heal, some better than others. For Nomi’s shoes, I carefully and slowly used a drill to add a tiny hole to the broken parts so I could insert a pin to add stability. Once the hole was drilled, I filled it with a super-strong glue (E-6000 is my preferred adhesive) and inserted the pin into the loose heel before attaching the pieces back together. I then gave the glue a full 72 hours to cure.



I’m Iza of Iza’s Face Ups and I’ve been a face up artist for 6 years. I’ve worked on many sculpts in all sizes and themes! This face up tutorial covers my method of working and is not the only method. This is just meant as a starting point to discovering your own style and way of working!

Before we begin, I wanted to cover the materials I use for painting dolls in no particular order:

  • Chalk pastels (Schminke, Daler Rowney, Winsor & Newton, and Rembrandt)
  • Shimmer powders (Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments)
  • Watercolor tube paints (Koi)
  • Synthetic soft bristle brushes (Various brands including make up brushes, sizes range from 30/0 to 12)
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Cotton balls
  • Cotton swabs
  • Spray sealant (Mr. Super Clear UV-Cut Flat or Citadel Purity Seal)
  • Acrylic gloss (Liquitex Gloss Medium or Model Color Varnish)
  • Eyelashes
  • White glue (PVA or Elmers, just needs to be water soluble)
  • Cotton glove
  • Respirator (Needs to be have at least an N95 vapor filter on it!)

Now let’s begin!



Hello and welcome to the YoSD sewing tutorial. I’m Nova, you may also know me as MyHeartIsSupernova, and today I’ll show you in few steps how to make a lovely dress for your YoSD.

It’s really easier than you think, especially since I’ll be sharing the pattern. Ready? Let’s give it a go!
Let’s start with materials. Obviously you need a fabric, in this case, a little heavier cotton will do for the bodice, you can also go with dupioni silk. For the skirt I’d suggest something thin like gauze cotton, dupioni silk will do too. You can use the same fabric to line your bodice. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s not synthetic, it won’t gather nicely and will be bulky. In which case you’ll have to press your gathering flat. Next on our list are a sewing machine, matching thread, two small snaps, scissors, pins, fabric pen and of course iron.

Pressing seams as you sew is very important, please don’t skip that!



Today we welcome another creative member of the French bjd artist community. I am very happy to interview Marie from YouplaDolls today. She is the creator of such wonderful dolls as Zopa, Ziya and Vana.
Starting this Sunday she is opening her preorder for Ziya again. Your chance to adopt one of her beautiful dolls and for TBD pretext to learn more about this amazing bjd artist.

First of all:
Welcome to TBD and agreeing on doing this interview!
Marie: Thank you very much, I am happy to share my passion!

Let us start with my favorite introduction question – how did you learn about balljointed dolls? Do you remember the first sculpt that caught your eye?
Hummm.. it started with Limited Edition Disney Dolls. I searched on internet some informations about them and I came across pictures of BJD!
I immediately wanted to know more. I think the first doll that really appealed to me was a Chloe from Fairyland, the mold you see almost everywhere xD
My tastes have changed since then 😉

Ziya in NS by YouplaDolls

When did you decide to create your own dolls?
When all the planets aligned themselves! More seriously, when 3D printing began to be accessible at home.
I knew 3D modeling, I was already painting the faces, I thought it was worth trying to make the whole doll!



Nympheas Dolls has just opened the preorder for a new doll: the siren cat Mialypso. I have been a fan of Sophie’s wonderful cosmos of beautiful and unique dolls for a while now and I am extremely happy to get her to interview for There Be Dolls today.

Dear Sophie, welcome to There Be Dolls and thank you for taking your time!

Always a pleasure to answer questions and meet people <3

The newest addition to your family of dolls is Mialypso – a unique siren cat.
What inspired you to make this specific doll? What kind of personality did you think up for her?
It’s very simple, I create things I love, I sculpt to give space to my imagination because i have many characters and stories in my head, I love cats so much (lol) and each cat is so unique, I have already made Brioche, a doll with very different personality because he is quiet and teasing –  a little lazy and she is enigmatic, discreet and enjoly … More classy !
I enjoy making some original character, not ‘just a cat’ because i want to bring to them an unique personality…for her I thought a mermaid would be perfect. I  don’t know why I hadn’t had this idea before because she combines to 2 characters I adore!

Mialypso in Butter with pink tail by Nympheas Dolls



Attention everyone – Bastian from Planet Zhen is looking for a new home with loving parents! Seriously the backstory to Little Cosmos Dolls is just too touching. There is a galactic war going on and the little orphans from the planets involved are sent to Earth to find new parents (you can find more about the background story here)
Since the second preorder for Bastian in tea skin has just started, meet Sandra, the artist behind Little Cosmos Dolls!

Welcome to There Be Dolls, Sandra. I am happy you found time for an interview!
Hi Elisa! I’m happy you proposed to make this interview with me!

Let me start with the introduction – you are from Spain, Barcelona exactly.
Spain is one of the leading European countries when it comes to BJD – how do you feel about it?
Yes, I’m from Barcelona. In France and Spain there are many sculptors, some of them quite known in the “artist BJD world”.  About that I feel very excited (because I know some of them, personally and I see that they are people, as in real people, and very nice and helpful) but also self-conscious, because I’m the new one in this artist world.

What was the first BJD sculpt/ company you fell in love with?
When I first saw a BJD I was surfing on google and I freaked out about the realism of the dolls! I don’t know which mold it was or the company, but I was in love with them all.
But the first one I fell in love with was an Adela from DIM with a faceup by Estebebe, I completely fell in love.

Oliver by Little Cosmos Dolls