Author: MyHeartIsSupernova


Hello and welcome to the YoSD sewing tutorial. I’m Nova, you may also know me as MyHeartIsSupernova, and today I’ll show you in few steps how to make a lovely dress for your YoSD.

It’s really easier than you think, especially since I’ll be sharing the pattern. Ready? Let’s give it a go!
Let’s start with materials. Obviously you need a fabric, in this case, a little heavier cotton will do for the bodice, you can also go with dupioni silk. For the skirt I’d suggest something thin like gauze cotton, dupioni silk will do too. You can use the same fabric to line your bodice. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s not synthetic, it won’t gather nicely and will be bulky. In which case you’ll have to press your gathering flat. Next on our list are a sewing machine, matching thread, two small snaps, scissors, pins, fabric pen and of course iron.

Pressing seams as you sew is very important, please don’t skip that!