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Who would love to adopt a little orphan from out of space? Bastian from Capsule #3 is looking for a new home! Originally she is from Planet Zhen – so “she has a peaceful soul and a huge mind” (Little Cosmos Dolls)
Or in other words: Little Cosmos Dolls has opened the preorder for their doll Bastian.
Bastian is 35 cm high and comes in a nice resin tone called Tea Skin. She is casted by Weiju. I think that is the perfect size if your family of SDs is ready to adopt a new family member. Bastian was created with a 8-10 year old girl in mind. Her expression is sweet and serious. I can totally imagine her reading bedtime stories to her younger siblings or daydreaming on no end while her friends talk to her.
As far as I can tell from the pictures she seems to be a great poser. Little Comos Dolls added some extremely sweet pictures of their little girl.
So here is the exact preorder info:

Preorder Period: April 20th to May 12th 2017
Bastian – in Tea Skin EUR 400,00

Bastian by Little Cosmos Dolls

included is:
a full doll
with random 14 mm eyes
and box

for an additional EUR 20,00 you can add a faceup.

Layaway is possible, but please contact Little Cosmos Dolls directly via email.

Please keep in mind that the production time will be around 3-4 months.

If you want Bastian to be a boy, there might be a preorder in the near future. All the kids from Little Cosmos Dolls can share their parts and swap bodies too.

If you like to adopt Bastian, you can do it through LittleCosmosDolls.


Today we proudly present the first interview in our series of artists interviews! The idea is to connect with the artists who are the base of our beloved hobby and take a look at their projects and workshops. Our series starts with an interview with Ming from SheCow.

Elisa: A while ago I came across your beautiful head sculpt: the smiling Mara Vampire head (Mara is a SD head that fits Volks SD10). It is such a unique and versatile sculpt that I am happy to hear that there is another preorder!
It is also a good opportunity to learn more about the artist – Ming aka SheCow

Ming: Thank you for interviewing me. I am very happy people like my original sculpt Mara’s head. As an artist, it always motivates me to create more dolls for people to enjoy and also to improve my skills along the way. 

Smiling Vampire Mara by SheCow

Starting from Mara – Vampire Mara is already your second Mara head. I recall seeing an Elf Version of his sculpt.

Actually, the Vampire version is the 3rd version of Mara’s head. Version one of Mara’s head does not look anything like the one I have right now since I basically scrapped the face and redid it, so it’s totally different. The Elf version of Mara’s head is the 2nd version, and the Vampire version is the 3rd version. For me personally, I am kinda a perfectionist, so I am constantly tweaking and changing things until I am happy with the results. (more…)


When you fall in love with ball jointed dolls, you enter a hobby that is a bit like uncharted territory. Wherever your journey begins  – might it be a sculpt you fall in love with, an artist you admire, that doll outfit that drew your attention, there are so many possibilities ahead and so many ways you can express your creativity and crafts that help to make your own little doll come alive. But behind all that is the idea and work of the original bjd artist who spends hours, days, months to create not just a doll but something that is full of possibilities. In the beginning there is the blank canvas. Sometimes we might not know where we are heading – but one thing is sure: There be dolls!

This blog is dedicated to all artists whose passion and talent fuel the hobby – the sculptors, designers, seamstresses, wigmakers, face-up artists, photographers,..
So what are you going to find here?

Our goal is to promote bjd creators, to get to know them better – so you will find interviews and announcements concerning preorders or new releases of artists’ dolls, but we are also planning to introduce artisans and seamstresses.

You are invited to take part in this voyage – let us know if there is an artist you like to be featured. If you are an artist yourself let us know about your current projects.

Share the love,


Featured head sculpts: Smiling Vampire Head (left) by SheCow and Amparita 02 (right) by Ken no Kokoro Dolls,  both with artist’s face-up.