Hello and welcome to the YoSD sewing tutorial. I’m Nova, you may also know me as MyHeartIsSupernova, and today I’ll show you in few steps how to make a lovely dress for your YoSD.

It’s really easier than you think, especially since I’ll be sharing the pattern. Ready? Let’s give it a go!
Let’s start with materials. Obviously you need a fabric, in this case, a little heavier cotton will do for the bodice, you can also go with dupioni silk. For the skirt I’d suggest something thin like gauze cotton, dupioni silk will do too. You can use the same fabric to line your bodice. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s not synthetic, it won’t gather nicely and will be bulky. In which case you’ll have to press your gathering flat. Next on our list are a sewing machine, matching thread, two small snaps, scissors, pins, fabric pen and of course iron.

Pressing seams as you sew is very important, please don’t skip that!

Here’s the list of materials again:

  • fabric (cotton, gauze cotton, dupioni silk)
  • sewing machine
  • matching thread
  • two small snaps
  • scissors
  • pins
  • fabric pen
  • iron
  • pattern


  • lace




Please note that this pattern was made specifically for Impldoll YoSD dolls. It may need some slight adjustments, especially in the back, for larger or smaller YoSDs. I encourage you to sew a mock-up with some scrap fabric.
Print the pattern and make sure control square is 2cm x 2cm. Cut your pattern and transfer each part onto the fabric. You need 4 pieces of each, this will be enough for the bodice’s shell and lining. Make sure to transfer the markings, so you don’t get confused later. Cut your pieces out.

Cut 10cm x 30cm rectangle, this will be our skirt. It will not be lined or hemmed at the bottom. I highly recommend zigzag stitching all the other edges, especially if you go for silk or gauze cotton. I don’t advise using overlock as it will make the skirt bulky at the top. You can skip zigzag stitching bodice’s parts as they’ll be inside, aside from the bottom.

Now you have all the pieces ready. Let’s get to sewing! We’ll go for a warm up and prepare the skirt part first.


Set thread tension on your sewing machine low, preferably at zero but test it a little on a scrap first. Now pick the longest straight stitch. What we’ll do is simply sewing two rows of long, loose stitches along the top of the skirt. See the blue markings in the picture? The important part is not to start at the very edge. I start mine 2-3 cm away from the side. Use the foot of your machine to carefully space the rows, leaving around 1 cm between them.

Once you’re done, gently secure threads on one of the sides and put the skirt part aside.


It’s time to put that bodice together! Following the markings, match, pin and sew pieces together, but only two at a time. Don’t forget to change stitch length and tension to your usual setting! Press every seam open before you progress further, it will make the finished dress look so much better and will save you some problems later. If you carefully put the pieces together, you should now have bodice’s shell and lining. Congratulations!

Let’s go back to our skirt. Now that one side is secured, you can gently pull bottom threads on the other side. This way you’ll gather the fabric and create a lovely ruffled skirt. Make sure your skirt’s width matches the width of bodice’s bottom. Secure threads, make sure gathering is even and gently iron on top of it without crossing your stitches. Otherwise, you’ll flatten the gathering and it won’t look as pretty.


You’re ready to join the skirt and bodice’s shell. So close to finishing the dress, wonderful! Attach the skirt to bodice’s shell. They must face each other with right sides. Pin them together, make sure everything is even. Sew over the “waist” line of bodice’s shell. Don’t forget to use backstitch both at the beginning and at the end!


Press the seam between skirt and bodice to one side. Now you have something that looks almost like a dress. To finish it, we have to join lining with bodice’s shell. Again we do the fabric sandwich, layering the two parts with right sides facing. Carefully match and pin them at the sides and on top. Sew them together going from one side throught top to another side. And again, don’t forget to backstitch!


Once that’s done, snip the corners closely but carefully just as shown in the picture. Then snip along the curves on the top, again, close to the stitching but carefully.

You’re almost done, how awesome is that?


Now we need to turn the dress right side out. It will look a little messy but here’s where your brave iron walks in again. Before you press the bodice, make sure to poke out gently the corners, so they are shaped nicely. You can use whatever works for you, but make sure it’s thin and blunt. Crocheting needle is fine, just be gentle. Once everything is neat, press the bodice.

Sew the skirt at the back, leaving small slit. Don’t forget to backstitch.

For final step, you simply need to add the snaps and it’s done!

I hope this was clear and easy to follow and you’re happy with your new creation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to help you. I’m hoping to be back with something new soon. If you have any suggestions, please let me know below.

See you soon!



Tips and optional steps: Feel free to decorate the dress or even add topstitching to the bodice if you feel adventurous. You can also add tiny straps made of lace.

If you want to hem the skirt, leave it until everything is finished and then hem it.



Disclaimer: The above content along with pictures, text, and pattern are the intellectual property of MyHeartIsSupernova. Shared here with the readers of ThereBeDolls for personal use only. Do not repost any part of the tutorial. Do not use it for commercial purposes. By downloading and printing the pattern you agree to terms of use.



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