Today’s spotlight is on the Spanish BJD artist Beatriz from Ken no Kokoro Dolls.
Beatriz has created several SD heads as well as two sweet full bodies YOSD sized Dolls (Cosita and Chispita), one of them being my absolute favorite: her Amparita 02.

 Elisa: Originally you are a veterinary, what made you interested in creating your own sculpts? Have you had any artistic experiences before?

Beatriz: First of all, thank you very much for this interview, I’m so happy you want to know some things about me and my dolls.

I started collecting BJDS when I was studying my degree. I have always loved the artistic component that they have and I was fascinated with the idea of being able to paint, modify and customize them. A few years ago, I lost my job and I thought it was a good moment to start sculpting as I had more free time, so I could find a mold which fits what I had in my mind without modifying other molds. It’s really fun!

What was your first sculpt?

My first sculpt was Amparita01. It had a lot of faults and it never was casted or put it in a body, but I keep her with a lot of love. With everything I learnt in the process, I redid it and I created Amparita02, which ended being very different to Amparita01. I didn’t think about selling them, but when I was sculpting, I shared some photos in Spanish forums and several people showed interest in her and I did a few for selling. 

Amparita02 by Ken no Kokoro Dolls

The latest SD head was Amparita 02 – what was her inspiration? Do you create your dolls with a backstory in mind?

The reality is that Amparita02 is my first official mold, but she is also my most popular sculpt and that is the reason because the last preorder I did was her again. Amparita is the only one that I sculpted inspired in a character that I created when I started in the BJD world and that I couldn’t find in other sculpts, but I generally sculpt based in aesthetics. I like big eyes, small noses and happy faces, that’s why most of my molds are like that. 

Dreaming Amparita by Ken no Kokoro Dolls

What do you like best about creating your own sculpts?

The process of sculpting and creating is really fun, and being able to have a doll exactly as you had in mind is great, but the best thing is to see photos from other owners. There are no words to describe the feeling when someone loves you work so much to pay for it and the great love they place in customizing the dolls. 

 Which company casts your doll and why did you choose this specific company?

I’ve worked with several companies, the first cast of Amparita02 was homecasted, then I worked with Dollshe and now I work with Fantasy Doll because they usually fulfill the deadlines and their colors are not difficult to combine. 

Miguelito by Ken no Kokoro Dolls

What is your main source of inspiration?

Anything: drawings, people, other artists’ work….

If I was interested in creating my own BJD sculpt where should I start?

First of all, wanting to do it! The rest comes later, but if you want to do it, I’m sure you can do it. When I started, I looked for some tutorials for sculpting BJDS to have a basic idea, I bought Ladoll and some burins and I started to work. With a lot of patience and willingness, you can solve all the problems you can face, and if it doesn’t end up being exactly what you wanted, next time will be better with everything you learnt in the way. 

I am totally in love with Cosita, she is such a sassy young girl– she is a full body YOSD.  I can only imagine the difficulties to create a body that actually works and poses properly!  What was your experience?

It was horrible, hahaha! I had never done a whole body before and working all the joints is really tiring: you have to make a lot of adjustments, mount and unmount it a lot of times and test it a lot until it results in what you want. Even though I like Cosita’s body, if I ever do another one, I’ll try to make it with a double joint. 

Cosita in Tan by Ken no Kokoro

Are there other artist you have worked with? (including seamstresses, designers,…?

I love working with other artists… I’ve collaborated with Phantastica Aesthetics, which is an astonishing  Italian make up artist and with Bicefalonia and L’atelier de Candela, which are wonderful seamstresses.

 The fullsets for your little girls Cosita and Chispita are really sweet – did you make the clothes on your own?

Unfortunately, I’m really bad at sewing so the clothes of my full sets are usually done by other people. Cosita full set clothes were done by Bicefalonia and the amazing dresses of Amparita and Patatita that I sold in past editions of Dolls Party were done by the great Jacobo from L’Atelier de Candela.

Chispita in WS and Tan by Ken no Kokoro

What clothes do those little girls fit best?

The clothes of standard YO-SD is usually too big for them, but some things can fit them. The dresses of Pullip, Blythe and Type B of Leeke usually fit them, specially if they are short (or it will be too long for them). One customer told me that some curvy Barbie dresses fits them too. Unfortunately, Cosita  and Chispita have a non very frequent measurements and the best way to be sure that clothes will fit them perfectly is by getting their clothes done or buying some of the clothes Bicefalonia creates for them.

Are you planning any new releases in future?

At the moment I’m not planning to do any other new doll. I will keep on sculpting because I like it, but my sales have been dropping lately and I can’t fulfill the requirements of the casting companies. 

Patatita by Ken no Kokoro

Are there any other artists or companies you admire?

I’m very lucky because I personally know several Spanish sculptors, which I admire not only for their work but also for their great personality; for example, Apodoll, which risks a lot with the originality of her molds and I love them, or Mishi’s Doll who makes really beautiful and happy dolls, or Atelier Momoni whose girls have incredible poses. I also know Magic Mirror, Little Cosmos and the rest of Spanish sculptors, which are too many to mention. I’m really lucky to belong to a community full of astonishing artists.

Are you going to participate in one of the upcoming conventions?

I’ve participated in all the editions of Dolls Party and Dolly Day up to date, but this year it is impossible for me to attend. Nevertheless, Madame Butterfly has offered me some space in her stand, so even though I’m not  there, some of my sculpts will be available.

Thank you, Beatriz!

If you are interested in Beatriz’ work you can check out her blog, at the moment there are still some Amparita02 head in NS and a few Cositas and Chispistas available – this might be the last chance to adopt one of them!  You can also follow her on facebook.

I personally want to thank Beatriz for the very sweet and nice contact as well as her kind words of support and introducing me to the work of her fellow Spanish artist. Hope we will meet in Spain one day and that Beatriz will continue with her beautiful work!


Cosita by Ken no Kokoro


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