Today is the last day to preorder the 2nd edition of Nyxy’s Creations’ Luna doll – a real unique and expressive sculpt I am sure not only bat lovers adore.
So let’s meet Nyxy and Luna in today’s article!

Elisa: First of all thank you for agreeing to give an interview!
I have been following you on tumblr ever since you had your first preorder of your bjd Luna – that cute little bat.
I have seen the love the Lunas are received with. I missed out on a Luna last time but now I am happy to see that there is another Luna preorder. So let me take the opportunity to find out more about you and Luna.

 Nyxy: Hello! Thank you for interviewing me! I’m always excited when people take an interest in my work, and I love to talk to fellow doll collectors and enthusiasts!

Two Lunas in dark violet (2nd preorder) and Pastel Piink (1st preorder) by Nyxy’s Creation

First of all – what inspired you to create a bat doll? Did you create her with a special bat in mind?

 Nyxy: Well bats have always been my favorite animal, and I often feel they don’t get the love they deserve. They aren’t always seen as cute and there are a lot of misunderstandings about them.
I didn’t see many bat anthros out there either, and none with the details I wanted (hardly anyone ever puts the finger bones in the right places, it’s a pet peeve of mine)
Luna isn’t really modeled after one specific bat, but I used aspects of bats I liked. She has a leaf nose, but there are a wide variety of leaf nosed bats with interesting noses and I didn’t model it after one in particular. I also gave her big ears like a spotted bat (my favorite, and the only bat in my province who’s hunting clicks can be heard by humans!)

Is she your first BJD sculpt?

Yes she is! I have experimented with making heads but Luna is my first full doll.

 How did you get to know ball jointed dolls?

 I actually don’t remember! I think it was because of the series Rozen Maiden as I was pretty big into anime at the time, but because of my background I also looked at art dolls a lot. It took me so long to actually get involved in the hobby I forgot my first contact!

Pippin at Sherlocks by KarlaChan

What is your background – have you studied design or sculpting?

My background is actually mostly in textiles. I took two years of costuming in university as well as any sewing classes I could. I’ve always been interested in dolls and have been making cloth dolls, usually faeries, for over a decade. I also love to draw, paint, and sculpt but I’m less formally trained in those areas.

Btw is it ok to call Luna „she, her“ during the interview?

Yes that’s perfectly fine! I tend to use female pronouns for the sculpt as well, but I do hope I’ve made Luna so that everyone can choose for themselves how to view their dolls.

Her resin colors are amazing – they are cast by Haru Casting – why did you decide to work with Haru Casting? (I love their Adoris)

I’ve seen a lot of artists I admire use their service with good results!  The fact that Haru is so open and friendly and will show progress on your work and their own cute sculpts is very reassuring and makes it easy to entrust my doll to them.
The colours were a big factor as well! They offer so many amazing colours in opaque and semi transparent resins. The clincher was the pearl colours though. When I saw the first ones they did for Depths Dolls I knew I wanted to offer sparkly bats!

All Luna colors 1st preorder


The resin colors seem to be very special – does it prolong the waiting period?

Unfortunately it does, yes. I found out during Luna’s first preorder. Apparently the pearl resins need a longer time to cure or they could damage the mould.

When did you know that you wanted to make your own dolls – what was the final nudge to work on Luna?

I tried to make a doll back when I first found out about them, but I didn’t have a BJD to really take apart and look at, so I was unable  to do the joints properly. In the end, I made a clay and cloth doll instead. Over the years I played around with sculpting heads and small figures but was content to look at pictures of BJD and leave their sculpting to the professionals.
When I finally was able to get into the hobby many years later I started seeing people posting their sculpting progress and it really inspired me to try again. When I posted on tumblr about wanting to try making a bat, I got a very warm reception. I particularly remember Gravcn being the first
to say I should do it and generally being very encouraging and excited about the idea.

Pippin on Flowers by Karla-Chan

What did you like about creating Luna – what was especially difficult? What did you learn? 

I loved working on her face and wings, there was lots of details and ways to add personality. The best part by far was when I strung her for the first time and she felt like a doll I would want to buy! It was an amazing feeling.
I didn’t find anything very difficult exactly, but I found the feet, legs and finishing to be very boring and tedious. So much time spent sanding and priming, sanding and priming,  it seemed very thankless at the time. In the end though, it was worth it. I suppose that’s what I learned, that even the boring parts are worth it!

Who has supported you the most?

My boyfriend has been extremely supportive and is my symmetry checker, as he has a good eye for it. My online friends have also been amazingly supportive. It’s hard to want to give up when you know there are people cheering you on and waiting to see progress.

“Pippin” owner picture of a black Luna by KarlaChan

It is great that even though she can stand you can really hang her upside down.
With her big wings, was it difficult to make her keep her balance?

It’s actually more of an issue with her head! Though her wings are large, the membranes are pretty thin to get a nice batlike effect. Her large head is fairly heavy and its weight can make her a touch finicky to pose at times. Her large feet and legs help though, and her resin version is actually more stable hanging than my paperclay master because of the weight of her head!

The logo and box (it is actually a suitcase) are especially cute – I read you worked together with Northfey for the logo?

Yes! Northfey did my logo, box art and certificate design and has made me lovely business cards as well. She was amazing to work with and I look forward to working with her again!

Box and Logo for Nyxy’s Creations Luna doll by Northfey

What are your plans for the future? Are you planning a new sculpt?

I plan to do more releases of Luna as well as sculpting new dolls! Though it’s slow going with a full time job and lots of personal projects, I have three dolls in the planning stages. I’m planning to do a jumping spider doll next. I really like the ones Doll Chateau does, and on their last release I started thinking about what I would like in a spider doll. I think they are another critter who doesn’t get to be cute very often.

 I have seen your own collection of  BJD consists more or less of artist BJDs – is there an artist whose work you admire the most?

Hmmmm… That’s a hard question! I have the highest regard for people who make dolls, from the larger (for our hobby) companies, to single artists just starting out. It takes a lot of dedication to see your idea through to the end and it’s very finicky work.
If I had to pick a favorite though… It would probably have to be Magic Mirror. I was finally able get one of her dolls and the sculpting and engineering is beautiful! I really enjoy seeing her work and hearing about her processes. I have a soft spot for faeries.
I also am very fond of dolls like Batchix’s robots or Apodoll’s sci-fi dolls. I really like to see unorthodox dolls and it seems to be a niche primarily driven by independent artists. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the hobby!

Thank you for the interview!

Thank you for interviewing me! I look forward to following your website as it grows!

So anybody out there who is interested in a Luna but didn’t have the chance to get one yet. We can look forward to another preorder in the future.
I also wanted to point out that with each single Luna sold 10$ go to the Bat Conversation International!

Sitting Luna by Nyxy’s Creations

Here Luna’s info for the 2nd preorder ending today, April the 30th 2017

Luna is 13cm tall and single jointed with 12 points of articulation and wears 10 or 12mm eyes depending on taste and brand. They come with a nice box and pillow, CoA and pair of randomly colored 10mm eyes by Chocolate Tsang. They will be available in 4 skin tones this time: Unique Orange, Light Tan, Pearl White, and Dark Pearl Violet.
The Lunas are 180$ each plus shipping from Canada. You can pay in one installment or split it up.

For more information go to: Nyxy’s Creations or contact her directly via email

There are only a couple of hours left as the preorder will end on the 30th of April – so be quick!

The owner pictures of Pippin (a black Luna) were used with the permission of Karla-chan. You can follow her amazing BJD family on her tumblr account.

Luna in Dark Pearl Violet by Nyxy’s Creations


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