Today we proudly present the first interview in our series of artists interviews! The idea is to connect with the artists who are the base of our beloved hobby and take a look at their projects and workshops. Our series starts with an interview with Ming from SheCow.

Elisa: A while ago I came across your beautiful head sculpt: the smiling Mara Vampire head (Mara is a SD head that fits Volks SD10). It is such a unique and versatile sculpt that I am happy to hear that there is another preorder!
It is also a good opportunity to learn more about the artist – Ming aka SheCow

Ming: Thank you for interviewing me. I am very happy people like my original sculpt Mara’s head. As an artist, it always motivates me to create more dolls for people to enjoy and also to improve my skills along the way. 

Smiling Vampire Mara by SheCow

Starting from Mara – Vampire Mara is already your second Mara head. I recall seeing an Elf Version of his sculpt.

Actually, the Vampire version is the 3rd version of Mara’s head. Version one of Mara’s head does not look anything like the one I have right now since I basically scrapped the face and redid it, so it’s totally different. The Elf version of Mara’s head is the 2nd version, and the Vampire version is the 3rd version. For me personally, I am kinda a perfectionist, so I am constantly tweaking and changing things until I am happy with the results.

Mara Version 1 by SheCow

Mara Version 2 by SheCow

Why a vampire this time? What was your inspiration for Mara?

I wanted to have teeth on him and thought to add vampire fangs will be super cute so it naturally ends up that way, I guess. I don’t really plan before hand, I just go with the flow of things. 

Mara comes with 4 exchangeable mouthpieces – was it difficult to create those?

At first, I didn’t really know what I was doing so its lots of trial and error but once I figured out the process it wasn’t that hard, but they do take some time to sculpt. It’s all those small details that need fine tuning and usually, detail work is most time-consuming. I like them to be perfect in details so it did take a while to finish. 

Mara Version 2 with modded sleeping eyes by SheCow

Who casts your dolls?

At first, I cast them myself but quality in casting it myself is not up to my standard, so I had to find someone that is reliable and good at it. I found Haru Casting is really good at dealing with artists and  casting in small numbers. Since I am still new to this, I don’t have the means to make a large cast and not knowing if there’s anyone willing to pay for them. 

I am also trying to improve my casting skills, so maybe one day I am good enough to sell my originals without feeling guilty about the poor quality.

Mara Elf and Vampire version

I love that fox mask for Mara – do you have a special connection with kitsune or Asian lore in general?

Yes, I love foxes. They are like dog and cat in one.  I am always attracted to Asian lore, and I love Anime, so I am influenced by it. There wasn’t any fox mask for BJD that I can find, so I decided to make one.

Bjd Fox Masks by SheCow

Mara is not your first venture into the world of bjd sculpting – how did it all start?

I started sculpting because I had a hard time finding the right sculpts for my characters, so I decided to give sculpting a try.  It was a long process and a learning curve, but it’s all worth it.

What is your artistic background?

I have a degree in Bachelors of Fine Art, majoring in Sequential Art but ended up doing digital coloring for a mobile game company for 8 years. 

Following you on tumblr I came across a new project of yours – Kit!
Could you tell us more about it?  Are you planning to open Kit for preorder too?

Kit by SheCow

Kit is still in the process of being worked on but I am hoping to get him done before the end of the year. I like Fox lore so he is going to be some kind of fox spirit. If everything goes well and I have Kit done before the end of the year, there might possibly be a pre-order.

It seems you love to give your sculpts a big smile – I came across Mara because I was looking for a sassy smiling young girl. Kit has that smile too – any special reason why?

I like to be cheerful and have a smile and would love to share that with others and I think that might be the reason I sculpt happy looking dolls.

What do you like best about creating balljointed dolls?

One thing I like about it is there’s no limit to what it could be. It could be anything that you wish it to be.

I have seen you are also a face-up artist. My Mara head has a beautiful custom make-up and I liked what you did with the info I send you. Is it possible to commission you to work on other sculpts than your own?

Yes, I do take personal face-up commissions too. I usually take commissions through the DOA commission page. 

Here’s my link:

Last –  what made you choose your artist’s name „SheCow“?

The name SheCow was made for a character mascot for my weekly comic strip back in college and I have been using it ever since. The background meaning is nothing special, I was born in the year of the Ox of the Chinese Zodiac, so that’s where the cow comes from.

Thank you for the interview, Ming!

Mara Smiling Vampire Faces by SheCow

If you are interested in your own Vampire Mara head  – the preorder is limited to 10 heads. So take the chance to adopt a Mara yourself!

Here the info on Mara’s preorder:

HEAD ONLY, with 4 inner changeable mouth pieces. – Head size is SD10, it will fit onto a Volks SD10 body. Skin color is normal.
Head only (blank, not painted), $165.

Other options:
– With Face-up, $45.
– white Fox mask (not painted), $35.
– white Fox mask (painted), $75.

Contact SheCow via Facebook, PM her on Instagram or follow her on tumblr!

Mara Elf Version with Skull Mask by SheCow


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