Youpla Dolls has released a new mini girl named Vàna. She is the same size as Ziya from last year’s preorder and comes with large bust and elf ears! You can choose from two colors: Mint and Tan.
Look at those beautiful elf girls!

Preorder time:  24th of April to 15th of May 2017

Vàna in Mint costs EUR 470,00, Vàna in Tan EUR 490,00.
Face-up option is available (EUR 40 for default make-up), each color has its special make-up. I especially love the freckles on the Tan version! You can even order Vàna a pair of high heels!

Shoes for Vàna by Youpla Dolls

Like all of Youpla Dolls she has an elegant and sweet feel to her. The slightly open mouth sculpt adds to her sweetness.

Let us have a look at her measurements:

Measurements Vàna by Youpla Dolls


You can adopt her through Youpladoll’s shop or contact Youpla via email:, if you need to start a layaway.

Thanks to Youpla Dolls for creating such a beautiful girl!


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